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(Video) FAQs about Korea's response to COVID-19(20 Episodes)

  • Date : 2020-10-02 18:03:13
  • Hit : 18463

Title: FAQs about Korea's response to COVID-19(20 Episodes)

Date: Sept 2020

Type: Video

Publisher: Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA)

​Introduction :

'FAQs about Korea’s response to COVID-19’ is a video series prepared by KOICA to support partner countries’ capacity building for rapid response to COVID-19. Along with the experts from Korean National Police Agency, Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Yonsei University, and many others, who have participated in making the series, KOICA sincerely hopes that this video series contributes to the world’s efforts to overcome the global crisis.


List :

1st: The world's attention is on Korea’s response to COVID-19 and the 3T

2nd: KOICA is in the center of Korea’s response to COVID-19

3rd: TEST Strategy to Flatten the Curve

4th: FIRESIDE CHAT : Strategy of Korean Medical Field Staff for Responding COVID-19

5th: Epidemiologic survey - a key to epidemic prevention process and know-hows of epidemiologic survey in Korea

6th: Epidemiologic survey – managing contacts and patient information during a pandemic

7th: A Silent Virus: The dangers of COVID-19 and its treatment

8th: From Pandemic to Disaster – How do we prepare?

9th: Suggestions for preventing infection of health workers

10th: Case Report : Diagnosis of asymptomatic/mild cases – case study of the COVID-19 patients

11th: Being ‘Alone Together’

12th: From past of Infectious Diseases To future of the Humanity

13th: Prolonging pandemic: how to respond

14th: New challenges rise in public safety and security under COVID-19

15th: One Health that can save the Earth and humanity

16th: A cross-species virus – warning from COVID-19

17th: Hatred and stigma that are as dangerous as the virus

18th: Protecting the socially vulnerable

19th: Post COVID-19: How should Medical Education Change?

20th: Power to overcome a pandemic Sharing, Fellowship, and Cooperation