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Concerning the "Northeast Asia Project"

  • "A Research Series on the History and Current Status of the Northeast Borderland," also known as the "Northeast Asia Project," is a research project that was conducted officially from 2002 to 2007 by the Research Center for Chinese Borderland History and Geography, an institution affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Despite the historical facts, the project incorrectly interprets the history of "Goguryeo" as that of China's, referring to it as "a regional kingdom of an ethnic group of ancient China."

    After the vice foreign ministers of Korea and China reached a verbal agreement over historical issues in August 2004, China has largely met the demands of Korea for the correction of the abovementioned historical content.

    Nevertheless, some of the distorted descriptions of Goguryeo‘s history remain uncorrected at the local government level. Likewise, new cases of historical distortion have arisen at the central government level. In response, the Korean government continues to request for the correction of these erroneous interpretations.

The Korean Government's Position on Issues Concerning the History of Goguryeo

  • The Korean government considers issues concerning the history of Goguryeo to be a matter of national identity, and thus places such issues among its highest priorities. Accordingly, the Korean government has responded to the distortion of Goguryeo's history with resolution and has, in reference to the 2004 verbal agreement, called for the correction of these distortions of history.

    Despite this, the Korean government believes that the historical issue should not undermine Korea's friendly relations with the Chinese government and its people. As a result, the Korean government also holds the position that it will promote mutual understanding in the field of history by actively seeking academic exchanges with China.

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