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FEALAC(Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation)


  • The Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation (FEALAC) is the only inter-regional consultation mechanism between East Asia and Latin America and consists of 16 East Asian and 20 Latin American countries.

    East Asia and Latin America, both comprised mainly of developing countries, are economically dynamic and complementary to each other. With the rising global trend of regional cooperation, the need for intercontinental cooperation between East Asia and Latin America arose since there was no official cooperative mechanism bridging the two regions.

    In September of 1998, a concrete proposal to enhance the relations of the two regions was initiated by the then Prime Minister of Singapore Gho Chok Tong. Subsequently the EALAF (East Asia - Latin America Forum) Senior Officials' Meeting was held in Singapore in 1999, marking the beginning of FEALAC. At the first Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Santiago, Chile in 2001, EALAF was officially renamed FEALAC.

    FEALAC meetings consist of Foreign Ministers' Meetings (FMM), Senior Officials' Meetings (SOM), Working Group Meetings, and Coordination Meetings.

    * The Coordination Meeting was launched at the 7th FMM (August, 2015) to strengthen the role of the Regional Coordinators and improve FEALAC's communication mechanism (substituting the Coordinating Board); it bring together 4 Working Groups for reviews and follow-up measures of decisions adopted at the FMM and SOM.

    * W/G 1: Working Group on Socio-Political Cooperation, Sustainable Development and Climate Change
    W/G 2: Working Group on Trade, Investment, Tourism and MSMEs
    W/G 3: Working Group on Culture, Youth, Gender and Sports
    W/G 4: Working Group on Science, Technology, Innovation and Education

    Korea's Activities within FEALAC

    • Korea has been playing a leading role in FEALAC by serving as;

      - Regional coordinator for East Asia (Aug.21, 2015 - Aug.31, 2017 / Jan.31, 2004 - Aug.23, 2007)
      - Co-chair of Steering Committee of the FEALAC Multi-donor Trust Fund (Jan.31, 2018 - Present)
      - Co-chair of the Working Group on Economy and Society (Aug.21, 2007 - Apr.07, 2009)
      - Co-chair of the Working Group on Politics, Culture, Education and Sports (Apr.07, 2009 - Jan.14, 2010)
      - Co-chair of the Working Group on Science and Technology (Aug.24, 2011 - Jun.12, 2013)
      - Co-chair of the Working Group on Trade, Investment, Tourism and MSMEs (Aug.21, 2014 - Aug.20, 2015 / Aug.30, 2017 - Present)
      - Operator of the Forum's Cyber Secretariat

      * At the 4th Foreign Ministers' Meeting held in Tokyo, Japan on January 16-17, 2010, Korea suggested the establishment of the FEALAC Cyber Secretariat in order to increase cooperation and facilitate communication among member countries. Member countries adopted 「Tokyo Declaration」 which approved Korea's establishment of the FEALAC Cyber Secretariat.

      Also, Korea has developed and carried out diverse FEALAC cooperation projects.

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