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Telephone Numbers
  • Telephone Numbers
    Minister of Foreign Affairs 2100-7002~4
    1st Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs 2100-7026~9
    2nd Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs 2100-8001~3
    Spokesperson and Deputy Minister for Public Relations 2100-8049~51
    Deputy Spokesperson 2100-7040
     Director for Press Relations 2100-7228
     Director for Public Relations 2100-8129
    Ambassador for Public Diplomacy 2100-8462
    Inspector-General 2100-8101
     Director for Audit 2100-8405
     Director for Inspection 2100-8417
    Director-General for Strategy 2100-7220
     Director for Policy Planning 2100-7270
     Director for Policy Analysis 2100-7292
  • Telephone Numbers
    Deputy Minister for Political Affairs 2100-7034
    Deputy Minister for Protocol Affairs 2100-7305
    Director-General for Protocol Affairs 2100-7308
     Director for Protocol 1 2100-7326
     Director for Protocol 2 2100-7319
     Director for Diplomatic Missions 2100-7311
    Deputy Minister for Planning and Coordination 2100-7094
    Director-General for Planning and Management 2100-7097
     Director for Planning and Finance 2100-7107
     Director for Administration 2100-7053
     Director for Planning and Organization 2100-7126
     Director for Overseas Missions 2100-7117
    Director-General for Human Resources 2100-7134
    Director-General for Information Management 2100-7102
     Director for ICT Management 2100-7158
     Director for Diplomatic Telecommunications 2100-7170
     Director for Information Security 2100-7190
     Director for Emergency and Security Management 2100-7209
    Director-General for Asian and Pacific Affairs 2100-7331
    Deputy Director-General 2100-7331
     Asia and Pacific Division 1 2100-7338
     Asia and Pacific Division 2 2100-7374
     Asia and Pacific Regional Cooperation Division 2100-8140
    Director-General for Northeast Asian Affairs 2100-8580
    Deputy Director-General for Northeast Asian Affairs 2100-8581
     Northeast Asia Division 1 2100-7770
     Northeast Asia Division 2 2100-6854
     Northeast Asian Cooperation Division 2100-7764
    Director-General for ASEAN and Southeast Asian Affairs Bureau 2100-8441
    Deputy Director-General for ASEAN and Southeast Asian Affairs 2100-7336
     Southeast Asia Division 1 2100-7359
     Southeast Asia Division 2 2100-8591
     ASEAN Cooperation Division 2100-8445
    Director-General for North American Affairs 2100-7380
    Deputy Director-General for North American Affairs 2100-7383
     North America Division 1 2100-7388
     North America Division 2 2100-7399
    Director-General for Latin American and Caribbean Affairs 2100-7417
    Deputy Director-General for Latin American and Caribbean Affairs 2100-7418
     South America Division 2100-7430
     Central America and Caribbean Division 2100-7561
     Latin American and Caribbean Cooperation Division 2100-8091
    Director-General for European Affairs 2100-7443
    Deputy Director-General for European Affairs 2100-7446
     Western Europe Division 2100-7448
     Central Europe Division 2100-7455
     Eurasia Division 1 2100-7471
     Eurasia Division 2 2100-6911
    Director-General for African and Middle Eastern Affairs 2100-7473
    Deputy Director-General for African and Middle Eastern Affairs 2100-7476
     Middle East Division 1 2100-7483
     Middle East Division 2 2100-8085
     Africa Division 1 2100-7702
     Africa Division 2 2100-6924
  • Telephone Numbers
    Deputy Minister for Multilateral and Global Affairs 2100-7215
    Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs 2100-7039
    Ambassador for Climate Change 2100-7782
    Ambassador for International Security Affairs 2100-7786
    Director-General for Nonproliferation and Nuclear Affairs 2100-8501
     Director for Nuclear Affairs 2100-8434
     Director for Disarmament and Nonproliferation 2100-7247
    Director-General for International Organizations 2100-7217
    Deputy Director-General for International Organizations 2100-7224
     United Nations Division 2100-7234
     Human Rights and Social Affairs Division 2100-7264
     International Security Division 2100-7283
    Director-General for Development Cooperation 2100-8110
     Development Strategy Division 2100-6976
     Development Agenda and Policy Division 2100-8344
     Development Cooperation Division 2100-8137
     Multilateral Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance Division 2100-8460
    Director-General for International Legal Affairs 2100-7503
    Deputy Director-General International Legal Affairs 2100-7505
     International Legal Affairs Division 2100-7527
     Treaties Division 2100-7510
     Territory and Oceans Division 2100-7629
    Director-General for Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs 2100-7538
     Public Diplomacy Division 2100-7543
     UNESCO Division 2100-7554
     Cultural Cooperation Division 2100-7725
     Public Diplomacy on Policy Division 2100-8520
     Regional Public Diplomacy Division 2100-8528
    Ambassador for Overseas Korean and Consular Affairs 2100-8052
    Director-General for Overseas Koreans and Consular Affairs 2100-7565
     Overseas Koreans Division 2100-7640
     Consular Services Division 2100-8161
     Passport Division 2002-0100
    Director-General for Overseas Korean Nationals Protection 2100-7562
     Overseas Korean Nationals Protection and Crisis Management Division 1 2100-7568
     Overseas Korean Nationals Protection and Crisis Management Division 2 2100-8200
     Crisis Management Division 2100-8566
    Director-General for International Economic Affairs 2100-7612
     Multilateral Economic Organizations Division 2100-7740
     Economic Legal Affairs Division 2100-7720
     Regional Economic Organizations Division 2100-7655
    Director-General for Bilateral Economic Affairs 2100-7661
    Deputy Director-General for Bilateral Economic Affairs 2100-7663
     Bilateral Economic Affairs Coordination Division 2100-7670
     East Asian Economic Affairs Division 2100-7674
     North American and European Union Economic Affairs Division 2100-7696
    Director-General for Climate Change, Energy, Environmental and Scientific Affairs 2100-7708
    Deputy Director-General for Climate Change, Energy and Environment and Scientific Affairs 2100-7711
     Climate Diplomacy and Green Economy Division 2100-7749
     International Energy Security Division 2100-8191
     Global Environment and Science Division 2100-7795
  • Telephone Numbers
    Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Peace and Security Affairs 2100-8054
    Director-General for North Korean Nuclear Affairs 2100-7872
     North Korean Nuclear Affairs Negotiations Division 2100-8066
     North Korean Nuclear Affairs Policy Division 2100-8146
    Director-General for Korean Peninsula Peace Regime 2100-8109
     Korean Peninsula Peace Regime Division 2100-8308
     Inter-Korean Policy Division 2100-7296
  • Telephone Numbers
    Chancellor of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy 3497-7601
    President of the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security 3497-7607
     Department of National Security and Unification Studies 3497-7735
     Department of Asian and Pacific Studies 3497-7626
     Department of American Studies 3497-7684
     Department of European and African Studies 3497-7632
     Department of International Economy and Trade Studies 3497-7748
     Center for Chinese Studies 3497-7678
     Center for Japanese Studies 3497-7667
     Center for ASEAN and India Studies 3497-7758
     Center for Diplomatic History Studies 3497-7655
     Center for International Law 3497-7676
     Research Administration Division 3497-7765
     Library 3497-7660
    Dean of Planning and Assessment 3497-7605
     Planning and Cooperation Division 3497-7799
     Diplomatic Competency Assessment Division 3497-7696
     Administration Division 3497-7703
    Dean of Education and Training 3497-7738
     Education Management Division 3497-7670
     Career Training Division 3497-7741
     Foreign Language Training Division 3497-7753
  • Telephone Numbers
    Korea International Cooperation Agency 031-740-0114
    The Korea Foundation 2046-8500
    Overseas Koreans Foundation 3415-0100
    The Korea-Africa Foundation 722-4900