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Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) Program

An internationally-recognized Korean government scholarship program aimed to promote international exchanges in education and to strengthen international cooperation. There are seven programs under the name of GKS (five for international students and two for Korean students) including full scholarship programs and study tour programs.

  • Korean Government Scholarship Program

    Provide international students with opportunities to conduct advanced studies in undergraduate & graduate degree programs at higher educational institutions in the Republic of Korea. Scholarship benefits include flight, tuition, stipend, medical insurance, settlement allowance and completion grants

  • Korean Government Support Program for Foreign Exchange Students

    Provide international exchange students at partnering universities in Korea with meaningful experiences by supporting flight, stipend, settlement allowance and medical insurance.

  • Support Program for Self-financed Students

    Raise awareness of the benefits of studying in Korea and motivate financially self-supporting foreign students by subsidizing outstanding students.

  • Korean Government Invitation Program for Students from Partner Countries

    Invite excellent foreign students who have potential to become leaders in their home countries to deepen their understanding of Korea, and provide motivation for future study pursuits in Korea through education and cultural experience programs.

  • GKS for ASEAN Countries’ Science and Engineering Students

    Invite undergraduate students from the 10 ASEAN countries, exclusively in the field of science and engineering, and provide students with in-depth academic training and invaluable experiences in Korea in order to nurture global leaders and further friendship between Korea and their home countries.

English Program in Korea[EPIK]
EPIK Brochure
TaLK Brochure
  • EPIK is a full-time teaching position available in metropolitan and provincial locations, from primary through secondary schools nationwide. Established in 1995 as part of the Ministry of Education's initiative to enhance the national English education curriculum, EPIK is a rewarding experience for those pursuing a future in teaching English as a foreign language.

    ※ Designated countries : Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, USA

Teach and Learn in Korea
  • TaLK is a service-learning scholarship program for undergraduates seeking to learn about Korea and gain experience abroad. There is ample time to explore personal interests and more opportunities to travel around Korea through TaLK!.

    ※ Designated countries : Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, USA

'Study in Korea' Support System

  • 'Study in Korea' Exhibition

    Host study abroad fairs in various countries to meet the objective and goals of the 「Study in Korea」 project by systematically and strategically inviting 200,000 international students to study in Korean universities by 2023.

  • 'Study in Korea' System

    Manage the online one-stop administrative service that not only provides studying in Korea information, but also processes admission to Korean universities.

  • International Student Service Center

    The International Student Service Center provides services with Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Mongolian and French to help international students have better communication when they want to consult with their problems.

    International Student Service Center
    Service day/ hours Service languages Contact information (Telephone, Email address)
    Monday - Friday Korean, English +82-2-3668-1490 webmaster
    Korean, Chinese Chinese
    Monday Vietnamese +82-2-3668-1492
    Wednesday Russian
    Thursday Mongolian
    Friday Friday

Learning Korean

  • Learning Korean

    Measure and evaluate language fluency and academic achievement of overseas Koreans and non-native speakers of Korean, and to provide a standardized framework with which to study the Korean language.

  • Learning Korean Online (Kosnet)

    Online Korean language coursework offers learning materials in wide range to improve learners’ language skill.